Bottled or tap safe. Recipe quantity might need adjusting depending if finished dough is too sticky or too dry.

Sunflower oil.

Gives a soft & moist finish. Easy to store & available in most retailers.

Wheat Flour.

White fine wheat flour with a high protein / gluten content.

One of the integral parts of our trusted & reliable Chimney cake / Trdelnik recipe is the Kurtos Kalacs EASY mix. We developed our unique recipe with an experienced food technician at one of the top bakery suppliers in the world. Our goal during development was to include ingredients which make the dough more elastic, so easy to roll, to give a good texture & to extend the life of the finished product.

We do not include any eggs in our Chimney cake recipe as we have learnt that the HACCAP rules are stricter since eggs are classed as a high-risk ingredient. The dough which the recipe produces is used for both the SWEET & SAVOURY version, which makes production easier & cuts down on waste.


Orange zest & Juice.

Contains vitamin C, a natural food preservative. Works well with both the sweet & savoury version.

Fresh or dried yeast.

Suggested amounts in recipe, however when using dried yeast, check the package for the recommended dosage.

Kurtos kalacs EASY mix.

Natural ingredients, finished product stays fresher for longer, improves elasticity & texture.


Packed in PE lined multi-layer paper bags – 15kg of mix per bag.

Suitable for air or road freight shipment.

No. of 15kg bags in order Price per 15kg bag
1 – 15 bags 99.00 Euro (excl. VAT)
16 – 29 bags 89.00 Euro (excl. VAT)
30 – 60 bags 79.00 Euro (excl. VAT)

Packed in a plastic bag in individual 1kg portions 18 x 1kg bags of mix
per carton box.

Suitable for sea freight shipment.

No of 18kg boxes in order Price per 18kg box
24 boxes 105.00 Euro (excl. VAT)
50 boxes 98.00 Euro (excl. VAT)

Average production quantities.

Type of cooking roll & product Amount of dough per roll Average production per 15 bag
Wooden roll – standard (sweet) 170g 670 pieces
Wooden roll – standard (savoury) 150g 760 pieces
Wooden roll – cornet (sweet) 90g 1266 pieces
Wooden roll – cornet (savoury) 80g 1425 pieces