Supplied with every baking machine purchase is a USB key. Installed on the USB is a 15-page PDF document written in English & 20 minutes of video tutorials which show how to create both the sweet & the savoury version.

Topics covered include:

  • Dough management
  • Equipment requirements
  • Chimney cake recipe
  • Method – preparation & baking
  • Toppings
  • Serving
  • Process
  • Tips

Kurtos Academy © - Hands on training.

We have welcomed people from all over the world to our Kurtos Academy©, located in Slovenia for take our Kurtos training course.During the course, we will cover everything from making to the dough to preparation, baking & applying the toppings. During the course you can ask questions & you will be able to see (& use) the equipment which we sell, so that you can choose what you wish to order.

  • An appointment is necessary for the training.
  • The training is done in just one day.
  • Training can be arranged from Monday to Friday.
  • We normally start at 10am & finish around 3.00pm.
  • Only one person or related people in one training day. (You will not be training alongside strangers!)
  • No more than 4 people per session (2 is recommended), as we don’t have so much space.
  • We suggest that you arrive in or close to Murska Sobota one day before your training & sleep in a local hotel, so that you are feeling fresh & energised & ready to learn the following day.
  • At the end of your training, you will receive a Diploma!

Kurtos Academy © - We come to you!

As its not always possible for some customers to come to us, some customers ask us to go to their premises / country to carry out our training course. During our visit, we can source local ingredients, give advice on the layout of the premises & train several members of staff on location.
The main benefit to the customer & staff, is that the business will be able to start much quicker than if you try to learn the methods alone.

  • Plan at least 2 months in advance to book this service.
  • It is important that the necessary equipment & EASY Kurtos Kalacs mix is already at your location before we arrive.
  • There will always be TWO of our team who comes to you.
  • At the end of your training, your staff will receive a Diploma!
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