R2 Premium Original Complete – Kürtős Kalács Mix – 10kg

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R2 Premium Original Complete – Kürtős Kalács Mix – 10kg

30.00 +vat

1-24 bags = 30.00 Euro + VAT@ 9.5%,
25+ bags = 26.00 Euro + VAT@ 9.5%

1 x 10kg bag will produce approx: 90 standard Kurtos @ 170g per piece or 170 Chimney cones @ 90g per piece.

The Premium original Kurtos kalacs mix contains the finest natural ingredients, which when mixed with other ingredients in the recipe provided, produces a reliable dough which is used to make both sweet & savoury Kürtőskalács / Chimney cake / Trdelnik.


  • No need to source your own flour as this product contains the required amount.
  • Egg free recipe.
  • Contains only ‘clean label’ natural additives.
  • Price break discounts are available for orders of larger quantities.


This mix is complete, which means that it contains all the flour, required for the recipe.

Important characteristics of the dough:

  • Excellent rising capabilities.
  • Rolls without splitting.
  • Good elasticity & flexibility
  • Doesn’t shrink back when rolled.
  • Prepared with a quality flour, which has a strong gluten structure.

So, what is the difference between the three bakery mixes we offer?

R1 is a CONCENTRATE mix. For every 250g of R1 mix, you add 1000g of your own locally sourced flour.

R2 is a COMPLETE mix. It is the same as R1 except that you do not have to add any additional flour. This mix is ideal for vendors which are unable to source a good quality flour which is suitable to make dough for this type of product.

R3 is a COMPLETE mix. It’s the same as R2 except instead of containing cows milk powder, it contains coconut milk powder. Therefore, no ingredients are derived from animals, making it suitable for a vegan and vegetarian diet.


Additional information

Model Number


Model Name

R1 Premium Original Complete – Kürtős Kalács Mix – 10kg


A concentrated premium kürtős mix which contains cow’s milk powder and high-grade white wheat flour. No additional flour is required when using this mix to produce kürtős dough.

Brand Name


Price Breaks

1-24 bags = 30.00 Euro + VAT@ 9.5%, 25+ bags = 26.00 Euro + VAT@ 9.5%

Quantity per 10kg bag

1 x 10kg bag will produce approximately: 90 x standard kürtős (170g per piece) or
170 x cone kürtős (90g per piece).

Ingredients for dough

Water, Orange juice (optional), Orange zest (optional), Sunflower oil and Yeast (fresh or dry)




Slovenia, European Union

Download the dough quantities chart below to see how much dough we suggest using when baking with this cooking roll.


Unlike the R1 recipe, you do not need to add any additional flour.

Makes one batch
Water – 490g
Yeast – 42g (fresh) or 13g (Instant dry) or 16g (Active dry)
Orange juice – 40g
Orange Zest – 2g
Sunflower oil – 100g
R2 Premium Original COMPLETE – 1250g

The quantity of dough made, when using the above recipe will make: 11 x standard size Kurtos @ 170g of dough or 21 x chimney cones @ 90g of dough.

CLICK HERE to down the printable recipe in pdf format, which includes the quantities up to four batches.

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