Before we can give you any shipping costs, we need to determine EXACTLY what items you would like to order. All shipping costs are calculated on the weight & the dimensions of your consignment. We endeavour to get the best possible shipping prices for our customers from our shipping partners.

    European Union delivery.
  • Sales tax (VAT) at the rates of Slovenia is applied to the invoice for orders delivered inside the European Union UNLESS the buyer has an EU VAT tax number. Customers who have an EU VAT number which we can verify are not charged VAT on their invoice.
  • There are no customs or import taxes when delivering goods inside the European Union.
    VAT numbers need to be verified here:
    Outside the European Union.
  • Sales tax (VAT) is not applied to invoices if the order is being sent outside of the European Union. However, taxes & customs fee’s might be applied locally when the goods reach the destination country.
  • In the case of ‘door to door’ services, the shipper will usually deal with the import paperwork, billing for taxes & the final delivery.
  • If goods are being delivered by a freight / logistics company, a broker will be required at the port of entry to deal with the import paperwork, billing for taxes & final delivery (Once paperwork is done, some customers will collect their own goods from the port). We strongly advise that a broker has been nominated BEFORE we ship any goods so that a contract can be made & everything is fully understood by all parties involved.
  • We cannot give any specific details about taxes or import procedures for every country, therefore if you want to know more, please contact a broker or a shipping agent such as TNT / Fedex in the county where the goods will land.



When shipping door to door, we generally use TNT Express and their ECONOMY express service.Tracking can be checked here:

  • We ALWAYS insure the goods with TNT for loss or damage.
  • Large orders or orders with multiple packages will be packed, wrapped & shipped on a pallet.
  • When the goods leave our facility, you automatically receive a tracking number.
  • The number of days quoted for arriving in the destination country, means the number of days to arrive to the countries customs hub.
  • An EXPRESS service is available but is more expensive that Economy.
  • The company TNT has been bought out by Fedex. Even though we dispatch your order to TNT, in some cases, it could be Fedex which deals with the import & the final delivery.


When shipping smaller packages door to door around Europe, we usually use GLS (General logistics systems).Tracking can be checked here:

  • We ALWAYS insure the goods with GLS for loss or damage.
  • When the goods leave our facility, you will be sent by email a tracking number.
  • GLS have very competitive prices, however, the maximum weight per package is 40kg. If the shipment is over 40kg, (say 60kg) it will have to be split into two separate packages and each package will have its own individual tracking number & will be charged as a separate order / package.



Door to door – International coverage.


Door to door – European Coverage.


DHL Global
Freight forwarding to airport / seaport only.


Freight forwarding to airport / seaport only.

Freight services

The two main partners we work with are:

DHL Global Forwarding – A division of Deutsche Post (DHL), providing air & sea freight.

DB Schenker – A German company offering rail, air & sea freight. Air freight is the most common service we use our freight partners for.

The main reasons why a customer chooses a freight company over an express courier are:

  • The door to door service for a particular country is too expensive or the door to door service is not available in that country.
  • The consignment is bigger than what the door to door service partners will carry.
  • The customer already has his/her own broker in the destination country.

Our air freight quotes are for the service Incoterm code: CIF (airport name) – This means that you are paying us for the consignment to be collected from us (in Slovenia) and delivered to the airport which you have chosen,& which name is written on the proforma invoice.

Included in the shipping price is the insurance from the origin to the destination (airport). Insurance does not cover the carriage from the destination airport to the final delivery address.

When the goods have been collected by our freight partner, they will create a AWB (airway bill) and send it to us. This document will have an individual number which can be used for tracking purposes. It will also list the carriers name & the flight number(s) that the cargo will be transported with. We send this to you electronically.

When the goods arrive at the destination, either the consignee (buyer) or the buyers broker (details will be written on shipping documents) will be contacted by airline carrier to clear the customs.

BEFORE we ship with a freight company, we strongly suggest that you enlist the services of a customs broker (import broker / customs clearing agent) who deal with imports at the airport where the goods will land. Both of our freight partners are likely to have a representative or partner at the airport where the goods will land, so you could use their services. HOWEVER, you should still contact them before any goods are shipped to ask about:

  • What the procedure is in that airport / country?
  • What are the costs & taxes?
  • What are the brokers fee’s / commissions?
  • What documents are required? So, documents you need from us & also documents that relate to you as a person or as a company. In some cases, we need to send our documents by express courier to you, before the actual goods land.

It’s important to know what to expect, so that you are not faced with unexpected costs or delays when the goods arrive.

Customer collection – Incoterm code: EXW

You can arrange for the goods to be collected from our dispatch facility located in Murska Sobota, Slovenia.
Under EXW, you (the buyer) assumes all the risk & transportation costs.

For you to get a shipping price from your own shipping company we would need to supply you with the following information:

  • Weight & dimensions of the consignment.
  • Collection address.

Before you arrange anyone to collect your order from us, you must:

  • Pay for the order in full.
  • Inform us what documentation should accompany the consignment.
  • Inform us what should be attached to the actual package (labelling / documents etc).
  • Give us the details of the shipping company who will collect from us, such as company name, contact person, telephone number & email.
  • If the goods are to leave the European Union, your shipping company must provide us with export documents. You must inform your shipper of this.