We design & manufacture a range of accessories which will make your Chimney cake baking experience simpler & more productive.


Part of the Kurtos production that some vendors find difficult, is applying the dough to the cooking roll, so that the dough is wrapped & rolled evenly around the cooking area of the roll.
To solve this issue, we have designed & manufactured a rolling machine, which makes this part of the process much easier & which gives much better results when compared to an inexperienced worker doing this part of the process by hand.
Once the strip of dough has been rolled onto the roll, a lever with food safe POM rollers attached is held down on the dough, which presses the ribbons of dough together, joining the strips.
Because the pressure of the rollers is evenly distributed across the dough, after pressing, the thickness of the dough will be the same across the whole piece, this is not always achieved when rolled & pressed by hand, which results in an uneven bake, because the thickness of the dough is not consistent.

  • The rolling machine can speed up your production & be less stressful on the hands & wrists.
  • The motor inside the machine is controlled by a foot peddle, which means your hands are completely free to control the cooking roll & dough.
  • Oil application to the dough is also easier & quicker when using the rolling machine in production.
  • Two attachments are available. One for the non-conical rolls & one for the cone shaped rolls.
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The most important tools of the trade! You can choose a selection of cooking rolls to suit your Chimney cake baking needs. Standard cooking rolls are generally used for making a traditionally shaped hollow Kurtos, whereas our small cooking rolls are ideal for filling (vanilla pudding being my personal favourite! ). Cornet cooking rolls produce a cone shape, which can be sweet (for icecream) or savoury (cone sandwich) & let’s not forget our thin rolls, used to create the ultimate Chimney (hot) dog!

  • Manufactured in both wood & stainless steel.
  • A range of baking area sizes, allowing you to produce different size Chimney cakes.
  • Cooking rolls are interchangeable, so can be used in all our gas or electric baking machines.
  • Custom size cooking rolls can be manufactured to suit your perfect sized product.
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Your cooking rolls will need a home! When not in use, your cooking rolls need to be stored in an organised fashion & in an accessible location, this is where the roll racks come in. After rolling the dough onto the cooking roll, the dough needs to be left to rise so that the air can circulate & be left in a position where the dough cannot stick to anything else. Rising the dough on the cooking roll is one of the most important stages of rising, therefore needs a suitable place to do so. Wall racks will free up your valuable work space too. Roll racks are a great marketing tool, as passing potential customers will want to know ‘what is that?’

  • Manufactured in food grade stainless steel.
  • Roll surface racks can be moved around your working area, available in three sizes.
  • Roll wall racks are the ultimate space saving accessory.
  • Packed & shipped ‘flat-packed’ to save space & cost. Easy to assemble, supplied with detailed assembly instructions.
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We discovered that our standard size cooking roll was deemed too big for some markets.Obviously, we could have reduced the length of the roll, however to maximise production, we designed our Kurtos cutter which can cut a standard 20cm Kurtos into two or three pieces, resulting in the production of two or three smaller chimney cakes, produced on one cooking roll. Our Kurtos cutter – Party is a great little tool which enables you to cut a standard size Kurtos into rings! We call it the ‘Party cutter’ as a lot of our vendors gift wrap the rings of different flavours & supply to family parties. The rings are also a great way to temp potential customers to your store when offered as a ‘taster’ or free sample.

  • Manufactured in food grade stainless steel.
  • Kurtos cutter can be set to cut one 20cm Kurtos into two or three pieces.
  • Best used with non-conical cooking rolls (rolls which have the same diameter at both ends).
  • Suction cups fitted to the base, to prevent the cutter from sliding around.
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For quick & efficient production, keeping food stuffs you may want to use as a spread or topping in a melter such as Nutella, peanut butter, caramel, honey or chocolate results in a more pliable, liquid consistency, which is much easier & quicker to use, without damaging the baked Kurtos.

  • Thermal dry system, no water required.
  • Durable plastic structure.
  • Analogue thermostat.
  • Fully melts hard chocolate pieces & holds at desired temperature.
  • Removable containers & lids made of stainless steel, as to ensure quick and effective cleaning.
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We are always looking to solve issues our customers are having; however small they may be. Normally when producing the Chimney cones (which will eventually be filled with ice cream) the baked cones will be put to one side, allowing them to cool a little, before ice cream is put inside. As ice cream would melt too quickly if put into a hot cone, the cones need to be placed somewhere where they cannot be damaged & where they don’t take up valuable working space.
The chimney cone cornet holders solves this problem.

  • Manufactured in food grade stainless steel.
  • Silicon mat to prevent chimney cones from sliding around.
  • Cornet holders are manufactured to interlock with another.
  • Stackable, so great space saving accessory.
  • Easy to clean. Simply tip crumbs into the bin & wash with soapy water.
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