We aim to dispatch all orders within 10 working days of receiving your payment. Most of our equipment is held in stock, however we are a small business & sometimes we must wait for our engineers to build new stock.
Some customers will ask for bespoke items which we make to order which will have a longer period from order to dispatch.
A tracking number is created as soon as we dispatch goods to TNT / Fedex. This number is automatically sent to you by email.
When we use DHL Global forwarding (our freight partner), we must wait for them to send us an airway bill which will include details of the flight number(s) the cargo will go on. We send this to you via email as soon as we have it, along with the commercial invoice, packing list & any other documents you requested. If you require these documents in paper form, we must send them via air courier which there will be an additional cost for.

Yes, we can obtain prices to ship your equipment via sea. However, sea freight is usually more cost effective for large consignments, packed on pallets. Quotes for sea freight are usually calculated by the cubic meter. We would always recommend that you assign a broker at your side BEFORE we dispatch the goods, so that you are aware of the landing fees, brokerage fees & taxes.
Once the goods are loaded onto the ship, we shall receive a BOL (Bill of landing)
A bill of Lading serves three main functions:

  • It is a conclusive receipt, i.e. an acknowledgement that the goods have been loaded.
  • It contains or evidences the terms of the contract of carriage.
  • It serves as a document of title to the goods.

The BOL as well as any other documents will be sent via air, to arrive before the actual consignment does.

First, goods must be paid for BEFORE we will allow them to be taken away.
We will inform you of the weight & dimensions of your order so that you can inform the person or company who will collect the goods from us.
If goods are shipped within the EU, you can arrange for a shipper or private person to collect from us at an agreed time.
If goods are to be shipped outside of the EU, a legitimate shipping company must be used as export documents must be completed. Your shipping company will normally have a partner in Slovenia who will contact us to arrange the collection. Normally we attach a commercial invoice to the consignment. If other documents are required, you must inform us beforehand so that we can have everything ready in advance to give to your shipper or their shipping partner.

Yes, you can. We need to know a rough idea of what goods you would like to take with you so that we have the correct items in stock when you come to collect.
If you are collecting the goods in your own vehicle & taking them straight home, we won’t pack & wrap the goods.
If you are going to take the equipment on an aeroplane, the equipment will need to be packed & wrapped. You must inform us which airline you are traveling on as well as how many packages you can take with you & what the maximum weight & dimensions of each package can be so that we can pack accordingly.