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Free training @Kürtősacademy

Free training and diploma at the Kurtos Academy©, where we will teach you all the necessary skills & techniques to become a master chimney cake baker.

If you are looking to establish a new chimney cake business or want to bake at home

For over a decade, we have been welcoming customers to our Kurtos Academy© from all over the world, to our training facility, located in Slovenia.

We cover everything, from making the dough, rolling the dough, baking, and applying the toppings. 

During the training, you will be using equipment which we sell, so at the end of the training, with our help and guidance, you can choose the equipment which best suits your business & baking needs.

Training at the Kurtos Academy is:

  • FREE for customers which have or will purchase one of our banking machines.
  • Can be arranged from a Monday to Friday.
  • Conducted in ONE day. We normally start at 10am and finish around 3pm.
  • Due to limited space, two people is recommended to attend, however, no more than four as we don’t have the space to accommodate.
  • Rewarded at the end of training, with a Kurtos Academy diploma.

The training at the Kurtos Academy© must be booked in advance and confirmed by us.

We suggest that you arrive to Murska Sobota the evening before the training and stay in a local hotel, so that you feel fresh and energised the following morning, ready for the day’s session.

To learn more about Murska Sobota, such as hotels, shops, and places to eat please click the button below.

Kurtos Academy
Kurtos Academy

Kürtős academy, we come to you!

Some customers ask us to go to their facility, in their country to conduct the training.

The main reason for this, is because they would like us to train multiple employees in one location and they like us to look at their premises so we can give advice about layout. We can also help with sourcing local suitable ingredients.

If you would like to arrange for the Kurtos Academy© to come to you:

  • Plan at least two months in advance for this service.
  • Expect two people to come.
  • Have the equipment (our brand of equipment) & Kurtos mix on site, ready.

The cost of the “We come to you” service is as follows:

  • Cost of transportation from origin (Murska Sobota) to airport.
  • Airport parking for the period which we are away.
  • 2 x airline tickets from Slovenia or the closest, most convenient airport.
  • Cost of any visa’s required to enter the destination country.
  • Collection from destination airport to hotel.
  • 2 x single rooms in a hotel close to where we will be working, to include internet connection and breakfast.
  • Daily fee for the days we are working (not traveling).
  • Transportation to return to the airport, for the return flight back to Slovenia (or closest, most convenient airport).

A typical “We come to you” service schedule is:
Day 1 – Fly to customers country. (No fee)
Day 2 – Training. (Daily fee applies)
Day 3 – Training. (Daily fee applies)
Day 4 – Free day. (No fee)
Day 5 – Return to origin country. (No fee)

Free trainStep by step guide, reliable recipes, and video tutorials

Free training and diploma at the Kurtos Academy, where we will teach you all the Every new customer is sent a USB key when they purchase their first Kurtos baking machine. Installed on the key is a comprehensive 15 page ‘Step by step’ guide, reliable recipes, and video tutorials.

Most of our customers learn to make the great Kürtőskalács / Chimney cakes, by following our instructions on the USB. We also suggest to new customers that we connect on-line via WhatsApp, so photos and videos can easily be shared, and additional support and advice can be given.

Topics covered on the USB are:

  • Dough management.
  • Equipment.
  • Chimney cake recipe.
  • Rolling dough onto the cooking rolls.
  • Application of toppings.
  • Serving.

We also provide a comprehensive oven / grill manual, which explains in detail about how to operate the Chimney cake machine.

Kurtos Academy

Just a few of our successful students

Come and join the Dober Kürtős family today!

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Explore our range of ovens, grills, accessories & bakery mixes.

Dober Kurtos offers an unrivalled range of everything you could possibly need to run a successful chimney cake business. So, whether you are just starting out or running an established business, we have got you covered.





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Why choose DoberKürtős?

Customer service, support & aftercare at it's very best

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expert pre-sale advice & product aftercare

From our pre-sale advice, shipping your order to after sales, we are here to support you because your success in the long term is our success. We also offer a 2 year warranty on all parts we supply!

Chimney Cake

professional equipment & service at it's best

Annually, at least 50% of our sales are to existing customers, therefore it is important for us to continually advise & support you to ensure that you are satisfied & happy!

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free 1-2-1 training

We have welcomed customers from all over the world to the Kürtős Academy located in central Europe for inhouse training & have travelled halfway across the planet, to pass on the necessary skills needed to become a great Chimney cake baker!

Contact our chimney cake experts today!

Whatever your enquiry might be, doberkürtős want to hear from you...

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