Stainless Steel Chimney Cake Cooking Roll Standard

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Stainless Steel Chimney Cake Cooking Roll Standard

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The standard shape stainless steel chimney cake cooking rolls are conical. This means that they are the same diameter at both sides.

The stainless steel standard size cooking roll is generally used to produce:

  • A sweet, traditional, chimney shape product.
  • A savoury, sub-sandwich product.


  • Re-designed & engineered front pin, resulting in smoother rotation, less resistance from the motor screw point and less chance of damaging the motor when removing the cooking roll from the baking machine.
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The same stainless-steel cooking roll can be used for both sweet & savoury products as the cooking roll can be thoroughly washed in-between bakes. Unlike the wooden rolls, the smell / taste does not soak into the stainless steel.

Length of cooking area: 20cm
Diameter of cooking area: 5cm
Total length of roll: 53cm

When using a stainless-steel cooking roll, unlike the wooden roll, you don’t have to cover the entire cooking area with dough, as exposed areas will not burn. However, the exposed area will be hot, so caution is required when handling a roll which is fresh from the oven / grill.

We can make customised cooking roll sizes, please ask us for more information about this service.

We suggest that a bottled spray oil is lightly used on the stainless-steel cooking roll before dough application, to prevent the dough from sticking and to make the removal of the baked Chimney cake easier.

Stainless steel cooking rolls can be submerged in water for cleaning and can go into the dishwasher. The cooking area of the roll is hollow, therefore a ‘bottle brush’ can be used, to clean inside of the roll.

Additional information

Model Number


Model Name

Stainless Steel – Standard

Brand Name


Material (cooking area & handle)

Stainless steel 316' grade – Food safe stainless steel. POM (Polyoxymethylene) handle.

Material (rod)

Stainless steel 316' grade – Food safe stainless steel



Size of Cooking Area

20cm length & 5cm diameter


Hungary, European Union

Download the dough quantities chart below to see how much dough we suggest using when baking with this cooking roll.


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    – Setting the target temperature too high (over what we recommend) on the Electric machines & then leaving the appliance empty, causing the heating element(s) to burn out prematurely.
    – Applying far too much sugar and / or oil to the Kurtos dough resulting in excess ingredients falling down during baking.
    – Not cleaning the baking machine properly, allowing a build-up of burnt sugar / ingredients.

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