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Gas OVEN 8

  • Model No:
  • Brand:
  • Capacity:
  • Average production:
  • Weight:
  • Size:
  • Rated power:
  • Gas rated power:
  • Gas consumption:
  • Voltage:
  • Ampere:
  • Plugs available:
  • PRICE:
  • DK-G8
  • 8 Pieces in one bake
  • 70 pieces per hour
  • 21kg
  • H = 49cm W = 46cm D = 59cm
  • 75W
  • 2 x 3.4kW per hour
  • 2 x 0.33kg per hour
  • 110V / 120V 220V / 240V
  • 15amp 7amp
  • NEMA 5-15 EU, UK, AUS
  • 1190.00 Euro (excl. VAT)

The GAS OVEN 8 is a compact single-phase machine vertical baking oven.

It is often purchased by mobile vendors who will bake & sell at farmers markets, festivals & events. & is ideal for those vendors which don’t have much space

There are no doors fitted to the oven, making it simple & quick to insert & remove cooking rolls.

Heat rises, therefore, if you want to bake eight pieces in one bake, we suggest that you start the bake at the lowest part of the oven. When you see the dough turning brown, you move from the lowest part of the oven to the top part where its hotter, where the sugar will melt quicker. If you only want to bake up to four pieces in one bake, you can bake from start to finish in the middle section of the oven, without having to move around during the baking process.

The gas oven (burners) are manufactured to run off LPG bottled gas (propane / butane), which is readily available in most countries. This machine cannot be run off natural gas (mains gas).

At each side of the oven there is one infrared gas burner. Each burner is fitted with a thermocouple shut off safety devise. This means that if the burner flame is accidently extinguished, the thermocouple will detect a drop-in temperature and the gas will automatically shut off to the burner.

Eight individual motors are located at the back of the oven. Each motor turns a cooking rolls around automatically next to a gas burner, resulting in an even bake.

There are two holes at the front of the oven (one at each side) where you insert a long match to light each burner once you have turned on the gas bottle & the gas release knob.

The electrical consumption of the gas oven is low. To power the gas oven, you can plug directly into the mains electricity, power it by a generator or run it through an invertor & connect to a 12-volt battery.


Brushed stainless steel body
Hard plastic gas release knob
Ceramic burner with stainless steel case

Main components:

8 x Individual motors
2 x Cooling fans
2 x Infrared gas burners
2 x Safety thermostat


Made in Hungary - European Union


TUV Rheinland – CE standards