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  • Brand:
  • Capacity:
  • Average production:
  • Weight:
  • Size:
  • Rated power:
  • Voltage:
  • Ampere:
  • Plugs available:
  • PRICE:
  • DK-EG6 ECO
  • 6 pieces in one bake
  • 60 pieces per hour
  • 24kg
  • H = 24cm W = 70cm D = 58cm
  • 3 x 1kW = 3kW
  • 110V / 120V & 220V / 240V
  • 30amp 13amp
  • NEMA L5-30  EU, UK, AUS
  • 1390 Euro (excl. VAT)

The ELECTRIC GRILL 6 ECO DIGITAL is single-phase & our LATEST Electrical baking machine.

It is often purchased by vendors who are establishing a business inside a shopping mall, café, coffee shop or ice cream parlour.

The grill has three separate baking compartments. At the bottom of each baking compartment is one horizontal heating element. Two Kurtoskalacs can be baked above each heating element (so 6 pieces in total).

A digital thermostat comes as standard, allowing the user to control the temperature. Temperature control is especially important to vendors who wish to make different size products & both the sweet & savoury version, as different temperatures are required.

Due to the heat source coming from below the dough, the cooking roll does not have to be moved to another position during the baking process. This saves production time. Because the baking compartments are small & only two pieces are baked in one compartment, the door won’t be opened as frequently as when baking with an oven. This results in less heat escaping during the bake, speeding up the baking process.

The power switch located on the side of the oven is turned to position 1, to turn on one heating element. There are two additional button switches which then control the second & third compartment.

Six individual motors are located at the back of the oven. Each motor turns a cooking rolls around automatically above the heating element, resulting in an even bake.

Each baking compartment has its own stainless-steel frame door, with a glass window, which enables you to see how the baking is progressing. Special heat reflective glass has been installed in this grill, which reduces the outer door temperature & creates greater cooking efficiency through heat containment.

Each door is opened by a food safe, stainless steel handle, which does not get hot during operation.

Ideally, the Electric grill 6 ECO digital Chimney cake baking machine should be plugged directly into a reliable electricity supply & not powered via a generator or long extension cord. An inadequate power source could result in the grill not getting hot enough, meaning that the bake would take too long & the sugar would not melt enough to allow the topping to stick.


Brushed stainless steel body
Stainless steel door handles
NEW! Heat REFLECTIVE tempered glass

Main components:

6 x Individual motors
3 x Heating elements
2 x Cooling fans
1 x Digital thermostat


Made in Hungary - European Union