• For vendors who want to bake outdoors in the traditional way at markets, festivals & special events.
  • Heat generated by lit charcoal takes care of the baking; however, electricity is required to turn the motors which turn the cooking rolls around. Electricity consumption is low & so can be achieved by connecting to a generator or connecting to an AC to DC power invertor which drops the voltage down to 12v, so that you can connect to a deep cycle re-chargeable battery.
  • IMPORTANT: Before purchasing the Kurtoskalacs Charcoal grill, we suggest that you speak to the organiser of the market or event where you intend on working, to make sure you can operate it on-site since it is burning charcoal. Some of our customers have been told that this type of machine is prohibited at public events as it is classed as a fire risk.

Charcoal grill 8

Capacity:8 in one bake – 60 per hour
Available voltage:110V / 120V & 220V / 240V

Price: 970.00 Euro (excl. VAT)

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Bakes up to 8 Kurtos in one bake. Bakes up to 8 Kurtos in one bake.
Horizontal baking – bakes above lit charcoal. Horizontal baking – 4 burners in a line, bake 2 above each burner.
Requires an electrical source to power the motors, which turn the cooking rolls around automatically above the fire. Requires an electrical source to power the motors, which turn the cooking rolls around automatically above the gas burners.
Cooking rolls for this machine are made to order as have a longer handle & front pin (to prevent burning of hands & motor box) Cannot be used in any of the other baking machines we produce. Cooking rolls for this machine are generally in stock & can be used for all the other baking machines we produce EXCEPT with the charcoal grill.
During operation, smoke is produced. This could annoy other vendors, especially those selling clothes or handy crafts as the smell of charcoal could impregnate their goods. No burning smell is produced when burning LPG gas.
To start, the charcoal must be lit & left to die down for a period before baking can commence, just like when using a regular BBQ at home. To start, turn on the gas burner, wait 2 minutes & baking can commence.
No temperature control. Can easily burn the outside of the Kurtos before the inside is baked correctly. Each one of the four burners have its own control knob to regulate the gas flow to the burner.
Must be used outside. Can be used outside, inside a food truck / trailer or inside a building if an extraction unit is installed.
Needs constant attention throughout the working period. Can be left in sight to get on with the baking (as baking is generally consistent) while other jobs can be done by the operator.
Dangerous during windy weather as stray pieces of lit charcoal could be blownaround. Each of the four gas burners has a safety feature, in that if the gas burner blows out during a windy period, the gas automatically shuts off to the burner.
Must wait for charcoal to cool down before it can be disposed of. Turn off gas supply, wait 5 minutes to cool down & pack away.
Time consuming to clean as can get dirty. Very little clearing required. Just a case of polishing the stainless steel.