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What is Baumstriezel?

The word Baumstriezel is a German word which is used in Austria and Germany for the product called Kürtőskalács. 

The English translation for Baum, is tree and striezel is a platted bread product.

Despite having a different name, Baumstriezel is the same product and recipe as Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake / Trdelnik.

Where can I buy Baumstriezel?
The Baumstriezel is mainly served fresh and warm, during the colder months and therefore its quite often found for sale at the annual Christmas markets. However, all year around locations are opening up in both Austria and Germany, offering the Chimney cone as well as the traditional Chimney shape product.

Can I establish my own Baumstriezel business in Austria or Germany or must I buy a franchise?

Yes of course you can create your own Baumstriezel business under your own brand name in either Austria or Germany. You do not have to buy a franchise or pay any profits or royalty fees. There are generally two types of vendors:

  • Mobile vendors, who attend various events, markets, and festivals.
  • Fixed location vendors, which stay in one (usually indoor) location.

If you would like to establish your own business, making and selling Baumstriezel, let us know as we are happy to give advice in regards the type of equipment to purchase, to suit your business needs.

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