This is a very good question as I often dream about running off to a Caribbean Island with the money you have paid us! Joking aside. For a small company we are very visible on the internet. You can see our machines being used all over the world. We also have our own Facebook page where we share posts made by our customers. There is also a “Recommendations and reviewssection on our Facebook page where customers leave feedback, which we cannot change or delete.
Please understand that we are not allowed to send you any contact details of our customers due to the data protection act.  However, you can contact customers who you can see are using our equipment via social media as they are publicly sharing their contact information.
As soon as we dispatch the goods to you, we send you a tracking number so that you can follow the progress of the shipment. We fully insure goods for loss or damage.
The company Ko-ordinator d.o.o. is registered in The Republic of Slovenia.
You can check / validate the business is real & solvent by using the AJPES web site.
AJPES manages the Slovenian business register as a central public database on all business entities located in Slovenia which perform profitable or non-profitable activities.

Yes, we can obtain prices to ship your equipment via sea. However, sea freight is usually more cost effective for large consignments, packed on pallets. Quotes for sea freight are usually calculated by the cubic meter. We would always recommend that you assign a broker at your side BEFORE we dispatch the goods, so that you are aware of the landing fees, brokerage fees & taxes.Once the goods are loaded onto the ship, we shall receive a BOL (Bill of landing) A bill of Lading serves three main functions:

  • It is a conclusive receipt, i.e. an acknowledgement that the goods have been loaded.
  • It contains or evidences the terms of the contract of carriage.
  • It serves as a document of title to the goods.

The BOL as well as any other documents will be sent via air, to arrive before the actual consignment

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept PayPal anymore in Slovenia as we do not have the option to take funds from our PayPal account to our business bank account. All our suppliers are paid via the bank & so we need the payments to go directly to our bank account so that we can pay our suppliers & shippers.

We do not accept any credit or debit cards as we do not have any way of processing a transaction using cards.

No, we cannot offer a COD service as none of our shippers / delivery companies offer this service. All goods must be paid for in full before we ship. We are not able to create a commercial invoice without receiving the full payment, especially when we are exporting outside of the EU as customs check the commercial invoice against funds received & the goods which we are shipping.

We accept payment by ‘bank to bank’ transfer only. When you place the order, we send you a proforma invoice as well as detailed bank information. If you are not in the Eurozone, we suggest using TRANSFERWISE as this company will usually give you a much better exchange rate than what the banks give. Once your account is set up, it is an easy, trusted service to use.